GATE ACCESS - email for gate access information.

There are 3 ways realtors can pass through our gates:

1.    Enter the visitors’ lane and show your realtor credentials and a picture ID. You'll receive a one day dashboard pass.

2.    Get a Realtor Windshield Sticker. This allows you to enter the visitors’ lane without having to show your credentials. You will need to register for this sticker (no fee).

3.    Get a Bar Code. This allows you to go through the express lane without waiting for vehicles in front of you to get authorization ($10 fee). 

To register for a Windshield Sticker and/or Barcode, visit the MAY Management decal office at 240 Canal Blvd.  Bring your vehicle, the vehicle's registration, and $10 cash or check. 

NOTE: If your client is following you in his/her own vehicle, please pass through the visitors’ lane, and ask the gate officer to issue a dashboard pass to the vehicle behind you.


•   There is an approved “for sale” sign that is the only sign permitted when selling a house. Only one “for sale” sign is allowed, and it must be on the property being sold.


•   Public Open Houses are permitted Saturday or Sunday only, from 12pm to 4pm.

•   To admit people to an Open House, please contact 72 hours in advance to make arrangements so your prospects can gain access through our gates.

•   Open House sign must be on the property being sold and only during the event. Only one sign is permitted.  You are expected to collect your sign as soon as the event is over. Otherwise, our Patrol will remove it.